Leeds Beckett University Committee

Dr. Naeema Hann

Naeema is the current Course Leader for the MA in English Language Teaching online and has coordinated the MA in English Language Teaching and Materials Development, and supervises both MA and PhD theses. Naeema sits on the national executive committee for the National Association of Teachers of English and Community Languages (NATECLA) and the editorial board for Language Issues, a part-peer reviewed journal of NATECLA.

She has managed ESOL and bilingual provision at Bradford College, and has been editor for Urdu Times UK, a bilingual journal for teachers of Urdu, published by the National Council for the Development of Urdu (NCDU). The Basic Education in Community Languages programme she co-ordinated in Bradford won the European Award for Languages. Naeema started her career in English language teaching in Pakistan where she taught English to Afghan Refugees and Pakistani professionals for seven years and worked with the British Council in their Peshawar office.

Dr. Nicole Whitworth

Nicole has taught Linguistics and Phonetics at a number of local universities, including York, Sheffield, and the University of Leeds. As a guest lecturer, she has contributed to modules on Primary Education courses in Leeds Beckett University’s Carnegie Faculty. Outside of Leeds Beckett, Nicole has taught sessions on voice care and use at local primary schools and on the Teach First teacher training programme. In addition, Nicole delivers workshops on public speaking and presentation skills. She has also worked as a freelance translator and as a Kindergarten teacher.

Nicole’s specialist areas are clinical phonetics and phonology, the phonetics of voice, the anatomy and physiology of speaking and hearing, as well as bilingual and monolingual language acquisition. She is currently researching babbling in infants with Down Syndrome, factors in phonetic ability, and the influence of cross-modal transfer capabilities in the learning of new sound categories.

Nicole is the Treasurer & Membership Secretary of the British Association of Clinical Linguistics (BACL).

Dr. Ivor Timmis

Ivor has been involved in English language teaching for around 30 years as a teacher, teacher trainer, MA tutor and PhD supervisor. In the course of his work, he has travelled to over 20 countries for conferences, courses and projects.

Ivor’s main research interest is in the analysis and teaching of spoken language. He has published on this topic in English Language Teaching Journal and Applied Linguistics. He also has a strong interest in materials development and has worked on materials development projects for Singapore, Ethiopia and China.

Ivor is currently on the editorial panel for TESOL Quarterly and was previously on the editorial panel for English Language Teaching Journal.

Dr. Theéophile Munyangeyo

Théo holds a PhD degree from the University of Nottingham, and has extensive teaching experience on communication theories and models; Communication Approaches (written & oral); Semantics and Pragmatics; Translation and Consecutive Interpreting (theory and practice) applied to French-English (both ways), and research skills. He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

He sits on various research committees and on the editorial boards of several international journals, and has organised and chaired international conferences, given public lectures at European partner universities, and led seminars and workshops in the area of multilingualism and applied linguistics.

Théo’s research focus has mainly been on translation and interpreting, critical analysis of fictional narratives, multilingual literacy and plurilingual competence, European linguistic diversity, the concepts of language proficiency and native or near-native fluency in language learning, enhancing learner engagement in e-learning provision, language learning through the year abroad experience, language acquisition and language transfer in a multilingual learning environment, language policy in education and self-directed learning. In the area of language learning and teaching, Dr Munyangeyo examines and supervises research work, from BA dissertations to PhD theses in language learning and teaching. Over the years, he has been external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduates programmes in and outside the UK.

English Scholars Beyond Borders

Dr. Roger Nunn

Roger is Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Communication at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, a teaching and research university for petroleum engineers. He is a founding member of ESBB (English Scholars Beyond Borders) and was Chief Academic Editor of the Asian EFL Journal from 2005 to 2014. He has been Chief Editor of the Asian ESP Journal since 2013.

Roger has been a teacher for 40 years in seven different countries (including the last 32 years in Asia) and an active researcher for the last 28 of these. He practices a holistic philosophy to learning and to life in general, and has published widely on the academic and pedagogical applications of a holistic, multi-centric international approach to academic competence and the meaning of international communicative competence. His most recent interest is studying philosophy (especially phenomenology as a philosophy of life (Husserl, Scheler, etc.) as a way of understanding educational practice more deeply.

A fuller profile is available at:

Dr. Sivakumar Sivasubramaniam

Dr. Sivasubramaniam is Professor and Head of Language Education in the Faculty of
Education at the University of the Western Cape, Republic of South Africa (RSA). He is also South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researcher. Siva serves the editorial board of the Journal of English as an International Language (EILJ) as Chief Editor and the editorial board of Asian EFL Journal (AEJ) as Associate Editor. In addition, he serves as Honorary International Adviser to TESOL Asia Journal and Executive Board Member of the International TESOL Accrediting Authority (ITAA).

He has been a foreign language/second language educator for over thirty years now and has taught English in India, Ethiopia, Thailand, Bahrain, Armenia, and U.A.E prior to relocating to the Western Cape. His research interests include response-centred reading/writing pedagogies, literature-based language pedagogies, constructivism in EIL, second language advocacy, narratives in language education and text-based approaches to academic and social literacy practices.

Dr. John Adamson

John is a Professor at the University of Niigata Prefecture in Japan. As Chief
Editor of Asian EFL Journal, he is active in editorial work. He received his Ed.D. from
Leicester University in the U.K., focusing on a discourse analysis of interviews with
Thai college students on their learning strategies. Currently he is interested in EAP/ESP
provision at the university level, interdisciplinarity, and developing journal editorial

Prof. Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics in the School of English, University of Nottingham, UK. He holds/has held Visiting Professorships at the University of Limerick, Ireland, Newcastle University, UK, and Penn State University, USA. He is an Honorary Professor of the University of Valencia, Spain.

He has been involved in the study and teaching of English for 50 years. For the last 30 years, he has worked with large, computerised corpora of English texts, investigating them to establish how the vocabulary and grammar of English are really used at the present time and how they are evolving and changing. His research has focused on everyday spoken English.

He is author of more than 50 books and 107 academic papers dealing with research and teaching of the English language, especially as a second or foreign language. He has taught in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Malaysia. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.